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Bowden Hunting Farm - Grahamstown

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  • South Africa , Eastern Cape , Grahamstown , See forecast
  • Contact Number: +27 46 622 7948
  • Contact Number 2: +27 83 476 2175
  • Website:
  • Physical Address:
    Bowden Farm (remainder of Klipplaats), Albany District Grahamstown, Eastern Cape [View Map]
  • A rocky kloof with many Euphorbias
  • Covered Fireplace
  • Kudu Trophy
  • One of the Rooms
  • The Lodge Bar Area
  • Warthog Trophy
  • Wormwood Dam after good rains

Welcome to Bowden Farm

Bowden is located in the Eastern Cape about 30 km due north of Grahamstown. It is a mixed small stock and game farm that is part of a local game conservancy.

A great number of animal types are available for hunting at the Bowden.

Among these are kudu, warthog, gemsbok, black wildebeest, common springbok, black springbok, impala, blesbok, duiker, steenbok and mountain reedbuck.

Rates include the services of guides, trackers and the use of vehicles for the recovery and field preparation of animals in the bush. Skinning, cleaning and cold room facilities are also available for storage of carcasses. It is important to note that any animal that is wounded will constitute a bagged buck and the full price will be levied if blood is drawn or bone is found and the animal is not finished off. To prevent these situations clients are requested to ensure that rifles are sighted in prior to the hunt - although a shooting range is available in cases of emergencies, it is advantageous to have your rifles shot in prior to your arrival as the noise at the range will scare potential game away. Remember that trophy judgment is the responsibility of the hunter and not the guide. One horned animals or animals with de-formed horns are not regarded as trophy animals.

Recovery of animals and taxidermy is available on request.