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  • South Africa , Gauteng , Faerie Glen
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Welcome to fascinating science!

We are the manufacturers and distributors of fun science packs and science related giftware and gadgets.

Our products create a new awareness in science & technology.

Our science shows, parties and projects inspire and amuse.

The World's most wanted fun science packs.

*  Fun & Educational

*  Safe - all kits have full safety instructions 

*  Adds a spark to any science lesson

*  Made in South Africa

Bouncing Balls - Make a couple of bouncing balls using the mould and crystals provided. Dip in the water and the amazing polymerization process starts. The result is loads of FUN in your own factory!

Crystal Tree - Grow a mysterious crystal tree from the crystal solution provided. See the flowers grow before your eyes - will be fully grown in hours.

Fake Blood - Scare the living daylights out of your friends. Two almost clear solutions combine to produce fake blood. Antidote included will magically remove the “blood” stains.

Coral Reef - Grow spectacular underwater crystal gardens in minutes. Seaweed will grow before your eyes. Grow it in a bowl, rinse the reef and add a gold fish.

Rotten Egg Gas - This reaction has given chemistry a bad name. Produce and expose your friends to a very unpleasant smell - that of rotten eggs.  All in the cause of scientific experimentation!

Colour Bombs - Secretly bomb your sister’s bath with these fizzing colour bombs and taste sweet revenge. “Colour-antidote” found in all households. Also for swimming pool parties!

Sea Pets - This is living proof that the Jurassic Park theory could be true! Establish your own self-sustained colony of brine shrimps. Real living, swimming sea pets!

Volcano - Produce two real erupting volcanoes - dust, flames & ashes. Pyrotechnic eruption.Chemistry at its best!

Crystals- Grow stalagmites and needle-shaped crystals in a petri dish. Two types of crystals are produced.

Slime - Mix two chemicals and produce 100 ml of a gooey, oozing substance. Is it a solid or a liquid? . . . is it alive?Also known as our “flubber” kit.

Super Bubbles - Create gigantic soap bubbles, colourful soap films and huge bubble domes. The 50 ml concentrate makes 1 litre bubble solution. Wool is included to cover a coat hanger to be used as a bubble hoop.

Treasure Diver - Make an age-old science toy - the Cartesian Diver. It floats in a bottle of water but dives mysteriously when you “instruct” it to do so. Three divers included.

Magic Dust - Create and sculpt underwater sand figures. Scoop the dust from the water and it is completely dry!Hates water like most boys do!

Science Tricks - Eight fun science tricks!Make a musical straw, suck cups to a balloon, cut Möbius strips, walk through a postcard and more.

Alien Eggs - Make gravity defying alien eggs - sure to fool them all. Do not leave them unprotected . . . please!

Rattler - Soften and form plastic granules into a mysterious “rattler”. This science toy will, if rotated in the wrong direction, stop, turn and spin in the opposite direction.

Popcorn & Peanuts - Sprout, grow and harvest your own peanuts and popcorn kernels. Then . . . eat your science experiment!

Sparks - Light a lamp by simply walking across a carpet OR construct a sensitive charge detector that will detect hair being combed a few meters away!

Monster Flesh - Prepare disgusting, gross monster flesh, blood clots and gaping wounds. Then sizzle them off with secret flesh remover.

Lava Motion - Produce milk volcanoes, miniature sugar lava lamps and spectacular underwater fireworks! Only food grade chemicals used. All completely safe!

Hot Crystals - Snap a metal disk in a solution and grow instant hot crystals. Pack can be recycled - use over and over.

Instant Snow - This is a WOW kit! Prepare amazing, fluffy white snow from dry powder and water!

Super Slurper - Do the Super Slurper chemical magic tricks:Make water disappear from a cup.